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Can you guess who says what?



Atlantis continues on Saturday [5 Oct] at 8.25pm to 9.10pm, and just as we did with Merlin, here at Inside Media Track, we shall be continuing the tradition of dialogue teasers for Atlantis. Check them out below and feel free to comment at the bottom if you think you can guess who says which line.

“I will never be one of you”

“Perhaps that was your true purpose”.

“Why do I sense you are not telling me the whole truth”.

“Our King does not care how far his servants walk to fetch herbs, so long as they are fetched!”

“Is there no limit to your ignorance?”

“I believe you already know the answer to that question!”

“It is said to be a magical realm”.

“He is not my god”.

“Such skills do not come cheap”.

“What of your father?”

“I think she cursed you”.

“She is in love!”