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Peaky Blinders continues Thursday, 19 September at 9pm on BBC Two.

At a country fair outside Birmingham, Thomas Shelby, leader of the Peaky Blinders, picks a violent fight with a gypsy family called the Lees.

While Thomas and his brothers are away, Chief Inspector Campbell conducts a violent raid on the Peaky Blinders’ territory, leaving a message with family matriarch Aunt Polly that he wants to speak directly with Thomas.

Back in Birmingham, Thomas agrees to meet with Inspector Campbell, but preferring not to engage in talks while on the back foot, he determines to strike a blow back first. Meanwhile, he is sent a bullet with his name on it: the Lees have declared war on the Peaky Blinders.

Aunt Polly is alarmed to find out that Thomas’s sister Ada is pregnant. When Thomas discovers the news, he forces Ada to admit who the father is: his former best friend and war comrade, the communist agitator Freddie Thorne. Convinced that Freddie is with Ada for the wrong reasons, Thomas hatches a plan to get him out of town.

Grace, working as a barmaid at the Garrison pub, which the Shelbys frequent, starts to weave her way into Thomas’s affections.

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