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Sadly, it’s starting to feel like winter is well and truly on the way! Lucky for us all there are some great top TV picks this week to take your mind off of the gloomy weather and here’s a little information about each of them…

Top Boy  (Channel Four: Tuesday 20th August at 9pm)


© Channel 4

The successful British drama series Top Boy returns to our screens with a second series this week. Set on a fictional estate in Hackney, East London, this engrossing and tense four-part drama is back with a vengeance. The body of Dushane’s (Ashley Walters) arch-rival Kamale is discovered and the police quickly arrest the new ‘Top Boy’, his former right-hand man Sully and Dris. But will the police be any match for Dushane’s smart solicitor Rihanna? Meanwhile, the trials for the district youth squad are fast approaching and while 15-year-old Ra’Nell attempts to keep his head down and out of trouble, his best friend Gem is not so lucky and quickly gets out of his depth in events he cannot control. The second series of Top Boy is not to be missed.

Big Bad World (Comedy Central: Wednesday, 21st August at 9pm)


© Comedy Central

There’s a new comedy on the horizon which is primarily about what happens while you’re waiting for your life to begin (which I’m sure a lot of people can relate too!) Blake Harrison (co-star of The Inbetweeners) leads a diverse and impressive cast including, James Fleet (The Vicar of Dibley), comedian Seann Walsh and David Flynn (Game of Thrones), in Big Bad World. Ben (Harrison), a recent graduate, has returned to his hometown with big dreams but he quickly realises that real life isn’t exactly what he thought it would be. Ben, while struggling to find work, reunites with his old gang including his very unhygienic friend Eggman and with a variety of characters it’s definitely worth a watch!

Trollied S2 (Sky 1: Thursday, 22nd August at 9pm)

Trollied.Series 3.Episode 1..© Jon Hall/Sky1

© Jon Hall/Sky1

There’s a new manager in Valco! The entertaining sitcom about employees in a fictional supermarket returns to Sky 1 with a no-nonsense new manager in tow. Gavin has been promoted to area manager leaving behind a heartbroken Julie who is extremely nervous in her new role as deputy manager, especially with the brilliant Stephanie Beacham (Coronation Street, Dynasty) watching her like a hawk as she takes Gavin’s place as Store Manager – she is certainly taking no prisoners in her big plans for Valco (also considering her character’s name is Lorraine Chain you can’t really go wrong). Prepare for plenty of laughs with the third series of Trollied.

Chickens (Sky 1: Thursday, 22nd August at 9.30pm)


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If Trollied isn’t quite your cup of tea then there’s also another comedy on Thursday evening to keep an eye out for and that’s Chickens (then again Chickens is on straight after Trollied on Sky 1 at 9.30pm so you could always watch both). Set in 1914 this First World War comedy is written by (and stars) Simon Bird and Joe Thomas who you will recognise as former co-stars in The Inbetweeners (doing very well for themselves those The Inbetweeners lot). While millions of men have left their homes to join the fight of the Great War three young chaps have elected to stay behind in their picturesque English village earning them the reputation of being cowards amongst most of the village, including pretty much all of the women. But with two of the lads having good reasons for staying behind (that’s disregarding the other one who actually has no idea what is going on and is a bit clueless) will the village come to forgive them? This sharp-witted comedy looks set to be a good one and definitely one to catch on Sky 1 Thursday 22nd at 9.30pm.

And there you have Inside Media Track’s Top TV picks for this week which we hope will keep you entertained on those gloomy nights instead. Do you agree? Let us know below.