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Skins back and all grown-up!


Skins is finally back on out TV screens for the next six weeks. Sadly for the fans, it has been confirmed that this is going to be the final series. The story will focus on three old characters: Effy (Kaya Scodelario), Cook (Jack O’Connell), and Cassie (Hannah Murray). Lily Loveless as Naomi and Kathryn Prescott as Emily will also return in guest roles.

Titled: “Skins Pure” (Cassie), “Skins Rise” (Cook), and “Skins Fire” (Effy). All three stories will follow the ex youngest on how they are coping with the real world of adults, work and money.

The first episode introduces Effy, who is now all grown up. She is now working in dead end up job as a receptionist for a leading London hedge fund. As the story unfolds, we learn that she now shares a flat with an old friend, Naomi, who also appeared in pervious series.

Effy stumbles across crucial information relating to a troubled and dangerous deal involving her boss, which is brilliantly play by Kayvan Novak. Whilst being aware of this, Effy and her wealthy boss starts a passionate affair. However she finds out that she has bitten off more then she can chew…

As it’s the first episode of the brand new series I have to admit, I was really disappointed with it, simply because Skins is all about teenagers being teenagers. This series should have been called “Skins: Where are they now?” Many people may not agree with me when I say this, but the whole storyline about someone who now works in an office who used to be a trouble teen is just too predictable . An office worker who has an affair with a boss, which of course will end in a disaster. I am very disappointed because I was a big fan of the previous series and it has completely destroyed it for me. The acting was good and the casting was good. But the whole storyline ruined it

A 6/10 for the acting and casting. And to be honest, it’s lucky that I’m giving it a 6/10. Sad to say, but I was disappointed…