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Run Episode 2 Katie Leung as Ying

The second episode of the brilliant series of Run brings you a story which involves a young girl, Ying, who is an illegal immigrant from Fuji (played by the brilliant actress, Katie Leung, who appeared in several of the Harry Potter movies) .

Ying sells DVD’S and stolen goods in places like cafes and pubs in Brixton. Sadly she is left with no friends, no money and no home. Ying finds her only refuge from the Snakehead gang in one of the barbershops where she sells stolen goods, which leads to unlikey bond with Jamel, who is the owner of the shop itself.

As the episode starts we end up getting a terrifying and gut turning image of how young girls end up paying their debts to a dirty old rat, often with sex. Ying couldn’t raise the money following a no show from Carol (Olivia Colman) from the first episode. The old man doesn’t want to listen and in a heartbreaking and disgusting way, he takes what he is owed. However, Ying’s story takes a hopeful turn when she meets her guardian angel, Jamel.

Ying and Jamel’s relationship is sweet and fun. She forces him to let her stay in his shop and exchange for cleaning jobs and then moves to his flat where we learn more about Jamel. Ying learns that Jamel has a son who lives in Nottingham, and you can tell from his expression towards her that he loves Ying’s company. I think this certain bit of the programme does shock people because the series is based on dark and scary realities, but Ying is shocked and happy that she has found someone who is so caring and loveable. Sadly, Jamel’s life is put in danger because of Ying and in order to save him, she decides to turn to her old life of in order to protect the one who she really cares about.

I think that this episode opens up a lot more than just immigration. It shows that there are young girls in this country who are put into this position and can’t escapse from it! It’s heartbreaking to think that this happens in this country and we can’t stop it! Yeah the police are here to help, but they can’t be everywhere at once can they?

The episode, along with the series gives us an insight into what it’s really like for a young girl who struggles in a new country.