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A tragedy creates an unlikely friendship

Run Episode 4 Katharina Schuttler as Kasia

The fourth and final episode of Run brings you a tense final. This episode reflects from the first episode in which Carol’s (Olivia Colman) two sons killed an “innocent man” by beating him to death. However, was the man really innocent? His long term girlfriend, Kasia, finds out the truth afterall, which makes her open her eyes to a different world and to a different man she once loved dearly.

As the episode begins, we learn that Kasia gets the news about her boyfriend’s death and goes to see his body in the morgue. While still being in shock, the police hand her a chain with the name Tara on it, and then her world is turned upside down when she discovers who Tara really is. She finds out that Tara is a stripper (brilliantly played by Jaime Winstone), who met Kasia’s boyfriend in the club and have being having an affair for the past few years. Tara gets her Kasia thrown out of the club leaving Kasia to go home and take her anger out on Pitorl, who worked with her boyfriend in his dodgy weddings scams.

As the story continues Kasia and Tara becomes “friends” after Kasia discovers that Tara had a child by her boyfriend, leaving her shocked understandably on Tara’s behalf. Kasia then finds out more about the scams and dealing and does her best to find the money and run!

As Pitorl introduces her into the marriage scam, she discovers that the Indian man she is set to marry has money hidden in his bedroom. So the next day, she goes there and takes the money and leaves the house quietly, which results with her going back to Tara and giving her some money so she can sort the funeral out for her boyfriend. She then goes back and starts to pack her things, but she ends up getting chased by Pitorl who wants the money back. As she continues to run, she ends up jumping on the train which results in her getting away from Pitorl. As she sits down, she notices Carol (episode one) sitting on the other chair next to her and both carry on living their lives by leaving London and making a fresh one.

This series alone has been superb!! The dark grime storylines make such a big impact on people’s lives aswell, till this very day. All the characters that appeared on the show has connected to the audience somehow: A mother whose son’s both commited a murder; A young girl who steals stuff and end up getting raped by a man who is using her for crimes; A man who is trying to come clean and get off drugs; And a woman who finds out more about marriage scams and her boyfriend having a double life. In a scary way, this happens in the real world now!

One of the greatest series yet!!