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As usual, it’s an exciting week of TV ahead; along with some of the usual favourites there are also lots of great new series on the horizon, but unfortunately also the end of others. Here are Inside Media Track‘s TV picks of the week.

Sunday 30th

The White Queen

The White Queen is definitely our favourite TV pick for Sunday evening. There’s only been two episodes so far but they certainly haven’t disappointed in terms of excitement, intrigue and lots of scheming with a dash of betrayal. In the third episode of this brilliant historical drama Margaret Beaufort makes the decision to join Warwick’s rebellion against the King, with the hope of furthering her son’s claim to the throne. After their uprising fails the rebels are forced to run but will they escape with their lives when Elizabeth and her mother decide to use their witchcraft to stop them? Tune in on BBC One at 9.00pm to find out.

Monday 1st


It’s very hard to believe but Monday sees the start of the final series of Skins! This may be sad news to come to terms with but this award winning drama looks set to end with a bang – mostly because of the return of some old favourites. Effy, played by the brilliant Kaya Scodelario, along with former characters Cassie (Hannah Murray) and Cook (Jack O’Connell) are back and each character’s story will be told over two episodes, with the first double bill focussing on Effy and her new life in London working as a receptionist. Effy’s flatmate Naomi is concerned that Effy is on the verge of ruining her life since beginning an affair with her wealthy boss and also coming across information surrounding a dodgy financial deal. Can Naomi help Effy before a potential tragedy occurs? Catch Skins: Fire on E4 at 10.00pm to find out.

Tuesday 2nd

Luther III

This third series has been extremely long-awaited (well it certainly feels like it) and we can finally look forward to the return of Luther. Expect this thriller series to really live up to its ‘thriller’ description especially when it comes to this opening episode. Luther (Idris Elba) finds himself embroiled in an unsolved case from the 1980s following a series of twisted murders. But his determination on the disturbing case is disrupted by a second case which arises after an internet tormentor is found dead in his home. Will Luther be able to cope with the mounting pressure of two cases? But more importantly, has Luther found love? So many questions to be answered and the only way to find out is to tune in to BBC One at 9.00pm on Tuesday evening.

Wednesday 3rd


The eighth series of US drama Supernatural receives its UK premiere this Wednesday on Sky Living at 10.00pm with a double bill. The Winchester brothers are back with more supernatural adventures as they continue to hunt down various creatures. Dean has escaped from Purgatory and heads straight back to Sam who has shockingly given up hunting and is now leading a normal life. Sam decides to join his brother again but finds it harder than he expected to leave behind his normal life, that he’s grown used to. But it’s straight back to business when the brothers discover a tablet holding the key to the gates of hell has fallen into the wrong hands. The story continues with a second episode straight after at 11.00pm where Sam and Dean manage to capture Kevin Tran who is the only person they know that can read the tablet. Kevin only agrees to cooperate with the Winchester boys if they agree to protect his mother in return. This fantasy adventure series is not to be missed!

Thursday 4th


The second series of Scandal begins on More4 this Thursday at 9.00pm (I know, another new series – we’re really spoiling you). Kerry Washington returns as crisis management expert Olivia Pope in this American political thriller. Olivia and her team soon realise that Quinn could be Pope & Associates biggest scandal yet once her identity is revealed allowing them to delve even more into her past. Meanwhile a senator asks the team for help once realising a past mid-deed could become public knowledge. Everyone loves a scandal and it would certainly be a huge one not to tune in.

Friday 5th


Repeats are never a bad thing, especially when those repeats are Sherlock ones. The quite well known Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are back on our screens as our favourite crime-solving duo (we may as well prepare for the eagerly anticipated third series even if it’s still a little while off). Sherlock and Watson are investigating a case of blackmail in this second series opener, which leads them to uncover links with rogue CIA agents, conspiracy and even terrorism. With Lara Pulver guest starring as the mysterious and seductive Irene Adler who manages to become involved with Sherlock on more of a personal level (who would have thought), who needs any more reasons to catch ‘A Scandal In Belgravia’ on BBC One at 8.30pm.

Saturday 6th


It’s getting even more exciting and tense in The Americans as Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are abducted and questioned separately about being KGB spies living in America. Although their captors end up being KGB spies themselves trying to uncover the mole in their ranks, the Jennings are reluctant to give anything away even though the evidence against them is at times overwhelming. Philip feels Elizabeth has betrayed him when she reveals that she told their handlers that he was too fond of America, which could well have been the reason for them being under so much suspicion. The Americans is that really brilliant period drama which everyone should be watching but has possibly been overlooked. It’s definitely worth sticking with ITV on Saturday evening at 9.45pm for the sixth episode. You never know, it may be just your cup of tea.

And there you have it! Are your TV picks similar to ours? Let us know.