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We’re well into the month of June (I know!) and finally we’re getting some well-deserved lovely weather, but that’s not to say you might not want a break now and again from the sometimes unforgiving sun and have a few evenings in. And so here at Inside Media Track are our top TV picks for this week to keep you entertained on those nights in.

Monday 10th


© Channel 4

There’s an interesting new series starting on Channel Four Monday evening, and that is Dates. This nine-part series is a new drama, from the creator of Skins nonetheless, which follows people on dates and focuses on ways that different people interact in their quest to find romance. We meet lorry driver David and beautiful Mia in this first episode, played by the brilliant Will Mellor (Broadchurch) and Oona Chaplin (Game of Thrones). David, who has just ventured into online dating, is waiting in a restaurant for his organised date Celeste but she is actually called Mia and is sat the bar contemplating whether to bolt or stay put. David soon realises he has bitten off more than he can chew with Mia and I’m sure we’ll be entertained watching how their ‘date’ unfolds!

The series finale of The Fall is also finally upon us this Monday evening and the question still remains – will Stella Gibson (Anderson) and her colleagues be able to outwit and catch serial killer Paul Spector? After last weeks shocking events Spector (Dornan) is even more out of control and this will no doubt lead to a conclusion we’re not likely to forget in a hurry (until series two of course!). Will Spector give away the game when he asks his unsuspecting wife Sally-Ann for an alibi in this final episode? We’ll have to tune in to BBC Two at 9.00pm to find out.

Tuesday 11th

Call Centre


After last weeks interesting (to say the least) opening episode of the new fly-on-the wall documentary The Call Centre on BBC Three, it will be intriguing to see how much longer Nev’s staff can put up with him in the rest of the series. I’m joking of course (ish), however in this second episode Nev isn’t quite his usual dominant self while he tries to find someone with the perfect voice to represent his call centre in a competition for talented telephonists – bit different! Unsurprisingly, it’s not long before Nev is back to his matchmaking antics while the girls on the sales-floor ogle over a good-looking new man at the company. Sounds too entertaining to miss and it’s on BBC Three at 9.00pm.

Wednesday 12th


© ITV/Tiger Aspect

Love and Marriage complete with its impressive cast continues Wednesday evening on ITV at 9.00pm. Although last weeks episode fell a bit flat it was still entertaining and hopefully will pick up as the series progresses. In this second episode, Pauline Paradise (Alison Steadman) is making the most of her new life as a single woman and in doing so decides to go on a date with her colleague Peter. The date doesn’t go to plan when they are interrupted by a phone call from none other than Pauline’s husband Ken. Along with the funny antics of the rest of the Paradise family this episode is sure to put a stop to those midweek blues.

Thursday 13th

Up The Women


Alas! After Thursday evening, Up The Women aka The Banbury Intricate Craft Circle Politely Requests Women’s Suffrage will no longer be on our screens so let’s hope this final episode takes us out with a bang. In the finale, the ladies try to win approval to become an official league of the Women’s Social and Political Union. Margaret has written to the leader of the Suffrage movement, Emmeline Pankhurst (Sandi Toksvig), to outline the efforts of the Banbury Craft Circle and is surprised when she receives notice that Emmeline will be visiting their town on her tour of Oxfordshire. However, nothing is ever quite what it seems and Emmeline Pankhurst is far from what they were expecting. With rumblings of a second series in the works, let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to visit the sleepy town of Banbury again.

Friday 14th

With the impending release of the new blockbuster Man of Steel this weekend, fans will be pleased to know that three of the stars of the film (one being Superman himself!) are guests on The Graham Norton Show this Friday on BBC One at 10.35pm. Henry CavillAmy Adams and Russell Crowe join singer Katy B on this weeks episode and watching seems like a great way to stock up on all the Superman news you can possibly take before seeing the film yourselves.

Saturday 15th


© FX

Spy thriller The Americans is brilliantly addictive and so well executed that it’s a crime (no pun intended) not to get on board. The usually cool and sometimes ruthless Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are stunned to find out that their murdered colleague and friend was actually leading a double life and this now leaves the Jennings with no choice but to clean up certain complications. They realise that the murdered agent had a wife and so they are under pressure to quickly determine how much she actually knew about the operation before the FBI agents take her into custody. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell are still brilliant as the complex and electric Jennings and although we’re only three episodes in, Saturday nights just wouldn’t be the same without this series!

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