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While it’s the end for some series, in more ways than just a final episode, it’s also the beginning of other including a huge and strongly anticipated 10-part series for the BBC. So here are Inside Media Track‘s top TV picks for this week:

Sunday 16th

The White Queen

It seems like we’ve been anticipating this certain new series for a while, and it’s finally upon us. I’m talking of course about The White Queen, and unless you’ve been having a very off relationship with your television you will probably have seen the odd preview and snippet adverts here and there, and let me tell you it does look good! Based on the best-selling novels The Cousins’ War by Philippa Gregory, this new 10-part historical drama series is set during the War of The Roses and tells the stories of three different women on their quest for power and, while the war rages on, how they manage to manipulate behind the scenes to get what they want. What is there possibly not to like? This first hour-long episode shows a young King Edward IV (Max Irons) having to choose between love and loyalty after falling in love with widowed commoner Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson). Will this ruin the shady and manipulative Earl of Warwick’s chance to take control of the throne? There’s not too long to wait now as The White Queen starts tonight on BBC One at 9.00pm.

Monday 17th

Episode 301

After last weeks (can I say disappointing? Well, it was a little) final episode of The Fall it leaves us wondering – what could possibly take its place and fill the void? Well luckily the third series of The Borgias is starting on Sky Atlantic at 9.00pm. This 16th Century fictional drama in Renaissance-era Rome follows the rise of the notorious Borgias family (of Spanish origin) into the Roman Catholic Church and their attempts to maintain their power. Pope Alexander is fighting for his life in this first episode after being poisoned, and his son Cesare manages to pinpoint the assassination attempt to Cardinal Della Rovere. Meanwhile the Countess Ceterina Sforza sends an assassin to rid of the Borgias (wouldn’t like to be a member of the Borgia family, that’s for sure!). Providing lots of suspense and drama, this is definitely one to tune into and as it was recently and unfortunately revealed that this series would be its last, we’ll have to make the most out of what is left!

Tuesday 18th


It’s sad to type this but we are creeping slowly towards the final episode of nurse-based drama Frankie. Tuesday nights just won’t be the same without the fabulous Eve Myles‘ carefree and wonderful presence. It was certainly nice to have a lighthearted and feel-good drama series to tune into amidst all the other hard-hitting ones and my fingers are tightly crossed for a second series. In the final episode Ian is extremely relieved when Paula gives him some news and after a vicious dog attack, both Andy and Ian will fight for Frankie’s affections – I’m definitely on Andy’s side, that accent! Moving on, a patient with Systemic Lupus is given the go-ahead to return to work by Frankie’s nemesis (bit over the top?) Dr. Evans but after realising that the woman’s condition is actually only getting worse, will Frankie be able to change the Doctor’s mind? BBC One at 9.00pm is where to be.

Wednesday 19th


Dates continues this coming Tuesday and Wednesday evenings on Channel 4 at 10.00pm and this hilarious and witty drama is definitely worth sticking with until the end. Centred on different people’s experiences on dates and how they act on them, the first couple of episodes have been nothing short of funny, smart and with an all-star cast you can’t go wrong with it. Tuesday’s episode stars Gemma Chan and Katie McGrath and in Wednesday’s episode, lorry driver David is desperately trying to forget about beautiful and sassy Mia and hopes that he will have more luck with a different date. Unfortunately, his date lying about her age and giving him a few lectures is not quite what he had in mind. Starring Will Mellor and Montanna Thompson.

Thursday 20th


The second series of hit comedy show Don’t Trust The B**** in Apartment 23 airs on Thursday, E4 at 9.00pm. Starring the quirky and very funny Krysten Ritter as party girl Chloe who forms an unlikely friendship with June (Dreama Walker), who has recently moved to the bright lights of New York to chase her dreams, this is a good programme that has sadly fallen victim to the tough scheduling in America meaning that this series will be its last. In this opening episode James receives a letter asking him to partake in a Dawson’s Creek reunion show which June thinks is a great opportunity and tries to convince him to take part.

Friday 21st

Once again The Graham Norton Show boasts some great guests this week. American comedy actor Steve Carell, star of The OfficeThe 40 Year Old Virgin and the upcoming (and very highly anticipated) Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, is joined by the equally hilarious Irish actor Chris O’Dowd (BridesmaidsThe IT Crowd) and singing sensation Josh Groban. See, it’s worth gritting your teeth through the cringe-worthy parts of the show, like the ‘Red Chair’ section, to see the interviews (I’m joking – kind of!). Either way it’s on BBC One at 10.35pm Friday evening.

Saturday 22nd


Would it at all surprise you that Saturday’s evening top pick is the spy period drama The Americans? Probably not, but you can’t blame us for recommending it as it’s just brilliant. The drama gets even more suspense-filled and fast-paced in episode four following an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan which leads both nation’s agencies to try to find out if the other was involved. The Jennings, all the while getting closer to each other, learn that they are to mark certain U.S. officials for the possibility of future sniper hits. They soon discover that Secretary of State Haig has the codes to launch a nuclear war which worries Elizabeth who think they should tell the Soviets immediately while Philip would rather investigate further before informing anyone. They also get more information from Stan Beeman who in contrast to the Jennings is growing further apart from his wife. Tune into ITV on Saturday at 9.45pm for The Americans.

These are our top picks for this week, are they yours or would you have chosen other programmes instead? Let us know below.