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We have another week of great TV ahead and so here are Inside Media Track‘s top picks for the week to give you a little reminder.

Sunday 23rd

The White Queen

Who caught the first episode of The White Queen last week? It was packed full of intrigue, mystery and even some magic so it’s definitely well worth sticking with. Beautiful widow Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson) is crowned Queen of England amongst much disapproval, specifically from the cunning Lord Warwick. Using the advantages of her new title, Elizabeth marries off her sisters to nobility which only infuriates Henry Tudor’s mother, Margaret Beaufort. Promising more betrayal with lots of scheming, and set against the backdrop of The War of The Roses, this historical drama is certain to liven up those Sunday evenings. Catch the second episode on BBC One at 9.00pm.

Monday 24th

Episode 302

You could say that the least popular family in Rome are definitely The Borgias! Well, that’s certainly the case in this fictional historical series following the rise of the Borgias family in the Roman Catholic Church, and their struggle to maintain their grip of power. Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons) manages to ruin Caterina’s plan to unite the powerful families of Rome against his own. Along with Lucrezia realising her feelings for her brother are a little more than, well, brotherly, it’s certainly set to be an explosive episode on Sky Atlantic at 9.00pm.

Tuesday 25th

Mad Dogs III - Episode 4

How we’re already on the last episode of the latest series of Mad Dogs is a mystery! But the guys’ adventures have to come to an end at some point (hopefully not for too long though)! Woody, Rick, Quinn and Baxtor meet American Lazaro who seems like he can help them, and they soon arrive at his empty house, but surprisingly it doesn’t take them too long to get on Lazaro’s nerves (I don’t think I could cope with all four of them either!). But Lazaro soon agrees to help the dysfunctional group of friends but not without a favour in return. It can only end bad, right? Catch the episode on Sky1 at 9.00pm. And if you’re not quite ready to forget Mad Dogs after this final episode, then stick with Sky1 as Mad Dogs: Behind The Madness is straight after showing the makings of the series with the cast and crew.

Wednesday 26th

The Call Centre

How about catching up with South Wales’ best/most annoying boss on Wednesday, BBC Three at 9.00. Yes of course it’s The Call Centre. It’s ‘cigarettes at dawn’ in this fourth episode when Nev is forced to stop cigarette breaks and overtime after the company’s biggest contract comes to an end. Along with all the other shenanigans that go on in Swansea’s biggest Call Centre, it would be a shame to miss it.

Thursday 27th

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It wouldn’t be TV Top Picks without a new series on the horizon, and this week it’s Eye Spy which starts this Thursday on Channel 4 at 10.00pm. Narrated by Stephen Fry (that’s me sold) this three-part series is a hidden-camera show that puts people in certain situations and moral dilemmas to see how they react. With this first episode involving a bag full of money left in a phone box and certain people being challenged to see if they stick up for a couple being victimised by a racist waiter, will we lose faith in our nation? Let’s hope not! It sounds extremely interesting and worrying at the same time.

Friday 28th

The penultimate episode of this series of The Graham Norton Show boasts an impressive array of stars. Oscar-winning star Sandra Bullock joins Samuel L Jackson and the talented Nick Frost on the sofa this week. And with music from Jake Bugg, yet again Graham Norton looks set to deliver a great show on BBC One.

Saturday 29th

the walking dead

It’s worth staying up late on Saturday night to catch the start of the third series of Zombie drama The Walking Dead at 11.00pm on Channel 5. Based on Robert Kirkman‘s graphic novels, The Walking Dead follows a group of people trying to survive from, you guessed it, Zombies. David Morrissey plays The Governor who has built and controls a utopian community. So to the Zombie fans out there, you know what to do.

And there are Inside Media Track‘s TV top picks for the week. Are they yours?