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A mature and witty, yet sexy emotional Channel 4 drama.

Will Mellor as David and Oona Chaplin as Mia in Dates. Photograph: Yhfphoto/Channel 4

The creator of Skins brings us a more mature and witty, yet sexy and emotional Channel 4 drama, Dates.

Based on eleven people’s experiences who go on different ‘Dates’, the series basically shows everyone how complicated yet hilarious dates can be. It can also give people an inside look on what dates can be like when you first meet someone. The series stars an all-star cast with: Ben Chaplin, Sheridan Smith, Neil Maskell, Oona Chaplin, Greg McHugh, Will Mellor, Katie McGrath, Montana Thompson and Sian Breckin, Andrew Scott, Gemma Chan, and Sheridan Smith.

Episode one starts off with David (Will Mellor) waiting for his date to arrive. Of course he’s playing the nervous looking geek with his fancy tie to try and impress his date. As he continues to wait, he spots a young attractive girl across the bar but she says that she isn’t waiting for anyone – Turns out that she was lying because she actually doesn’t want to do this (date). Her name is Mia (Oona Chaplin), she initially comes across as a very bitchy-like character who isn’t willing to give him a chance to get to know her. Although, she comes across jealous when she witnesses him talking to the waitress. When David goes to the toilet, his mobile phone goes off and Mia hangs it up so they aren’t interrupted; That show’s that somehow she is playing hard to get.

After the second part, the camera focuses on them eating as they both start discussing different issues about watching people doing and their jobs; why they are on a date and their past relationships. He then mentions that he has four daughters which leads her to act all funny and strange. He then says: “You’re too clever for the world” which shows her that for him this isn’t about sex.

Towards the end of the programme their ‘relationship’ blossoms and Mia starts to change her attitude asking him “whatever happened to your wife?” Which then he replies “She died.” She then pretends to go to the toilet and doesn’t come back. David manages to see her again and she admits that she’s not ready for “this”, jumping into the taxi to go home. However, the taxi stops and she opens the door leaving him a choice to come with back her.

A brilliantly scripted episode which could reflect on many people’s memories good or bad of their past dates. Also proving the saying “Opposites attract.” A 10/10 episode with the right choice of actor and actress to play David and Mia.