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Fresh from Eurovision and Doctor Who madness and straight into a week chock-a-block of great programmes to watch. Here our top TV picks and recommendations for this week:

Sunday 19th

Case Histories

Case Histories returns! Yes, the acclaimed BBC One crime detective series starts tonight at 8.30pm and I’ll definitely be watching. The talented Jason Isaacs returns as complicated private investigator Jackson Brodie to solve more cases in modern-day Edinburgh. The first episode of this three-part second series also sees comedian Victoria Wood guest star as a retired policewoman turned store detective. Convinced he has made a mistake whilst solving a child-snatching case in Munich, Brodie is determined to do penance when he gets the chance to help a woman who is searching for her birth parents, unaware that he may be about to uncover a 35-year old secret. With a great cast and hopefully lots of drama, Case Histories is looking to be one to watch and my top pick for Sunday evening.

Monday 20th

The Fall

Psychological thriller The Fall continues Monday night on BBC Two, 9.00pm, and judging by last week’s suspense-filled episode, I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more tense cliff-hangers to come. For that reason (and just because if I’m too scared to go to bed afterwards then it’s only fair you are all too) and the fact that Gillian Anderson is simply superb, this is my top TV pick for Monday. For most who caught the first episode last week, it’ll be no surprise that The Fall was BBC Two’s biggest drama series launch in 8 years. This 5-part thriller, that follows serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) and the DSI brought in to catch him, Stella Gibson (played by Anderson), is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. With another body discovered in this week’s episode we will see Gibson forced to take control and attempt to cope under mounting pressure.

Tuesday 21st


A lot less hard-hitting but still very enjoyable is Frankie; this 6-part drama series follows a district nurse (played by the wonderful Eve Myles) as she tries to juggle her dedication to her work with her personal life, ultimately (though not intentionally) choosing work over her relationship. I’ve always enjoyed medical-based programmes, and even though Frankie may not be the most accurate depiction of District Nurses and what they do it does make up for it with humour, and Myles’ portrayal of Frankie Maddox provides an infectious quirkiness to the programme. Frankie continues Tuesday evening at 9.00pm on BBC One, and with the many crime and thriller series dominating the channels right now, it is certainly a nice relief and my evening recommendation.

Wednesday 22nd – Thursday 23rd

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We may be just getting started with some series but the end is approaching for others. Scott and Bailey concludes with a double bill this week as DCs Bailey and Scott, along with the rest of the team, try to uncover the mole within their own ranks. Will it turn out to be the new DS, played by ex-Emmerdale’s Danny Miller, or someone completely unexpected? Between a kidnap, a discovered body and an important friendship ruined (perhaps for good), I’ve no doubt that this series will end with bang and leave viewers craving for more. Scott and Bailey concludes on Wednesday and Thursday night on ITV, 9.00pm.

Friday 24th


Sadly, another detective drama series comes to an end this week. Life of Crime concludes on Friday at 9.00pm on ITV, and in the present day things are looking up for Denise work-wise, but will the flaws in her personal life bring everything crashing down? Hayley Atwell has really been brilliant as the leading lady of this crime series spanning over three decades and I will be sad to see it come to an end.

Saturday 25th


No Doctor Who! Sadly, the brilliant series concluded last Saturday but luckily there are plenty of films on to take your mind off this. Yes I know there’s The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent but talent show enthusiasts (I’m slightly partial) will already be on the ball with these so I think it’s only fair to recommend a film, especially if you’re contemplating having a relaxing night in on Saturday night. Amongst some big ones like Titanic (7.00pm, CH4) and The Incredible Hulk (4.45pm, ITV2) there are a few gems to keep an eye out for. But for me, it has to be The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise which is on 5USA at 9.00pm – now I am in no way an avid Tom Cruise fan but this is an epic action adventure film set in 19th Century Japan and well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before.

And there you have it, Inside Media Track’s  top TV picks and recommendations for this week – it’s definitely shaping up to be an eventful one!