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Another week and there is a plethora of programmes to keep us entertained on those cosy nights in (that by now should be summer nights out). But deciding which shows come out on top? Well that’s where we come in!

It’s no secret that we are about to embark on a week dominated by Britain’s Got Talent so it makes sense to cover the times for BGT before getting on with our top picks for the week. Tomorrow night will see the final round of auditions on ITV at 8.00pm, which will also include the judges making their decisions of which acts to take through to the live finals – so basically that means that the ones they originally put through purely based on the ‘entertainment factor,’ rather than actual talent, will now be sent home (me cynical? Never). The live semi-finals will air throughout the week at 7.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with the results of the public vote will air later in the evenings at 9.30pm. The last live semi-final will be shown on Saturday 1st June at the earlier time of 7.00pm with the voting results later in the evening at 9.30pm. Who will eventually be crowned the cream of the crop of British talent? Your guess is as good as ours!

Sunday 26th

After last weeks slightly confusing opener to Case Histories, I was a little undecided as to whether to choose this detective series as my top pick for Sunday evening again. But, as confusing as the Jason Isaacs led crime drama may have been, it ultimately left me wanting more and this second episode just sounds too good to resist. With Jackson Brodie’s daughter Marlee now moving in with him and a new case leading him to investigate a suspected murder, our favourite Private Investigator’s life is about to get a lot more complicated than we all thought possible. Tune in to BBC One at 8.30pm to catch the second episode of Case Histories this evening.

Monday 27th

The Fall

I found it particularly difficult to choose a TV top pick for Monday evening purely because there is just so much choice but ultimately, it has to be The Fall. Just as we all suspected, last week’s episode added more suspense and intrigue to this nail-biting series and this third one looks to be even more gripping. With Paul Spector’s realisation that his ‘perfect kill’ is now seemingly ruined he has no choice but to change his game tactics whilst Gibson has been given complete control of the case. The Fall continues on BBC Two at 9.00pm.

Tuesday 28th

gallaghers 1n

It’s an end of an era and time to visit the Chatsworth estate one last time. Yes, after nearly a decade, Shameless will come to an end this Tuesday at 10.00pm on Channel 4. After being released from prison for benefit fraud, Frank returns home expecting a welcome home party but instead gets a surprise from Monica that he wasn’t exactly intending on. With some old familiar faces set to appear in this last ever episode it’s sure to leave our screens on a high, so get the tissues ready and expect there to be lots of pandemonium as is expected of the Gallagher clan! One things for sure, Shameless will be sorely missed by many.

Also a quick mention that right before Shameless at 9.00pm on Channel 4 is Edward VIII: The Lion King . This documentary contains footage that Edward VIII took while on his safaris in Africa and highlights why he led a conservation effort to protect the lives of many of the wild animals – it sounds very interesting and definitely worth a watch.

Wednesday 29th

Frankie will continue this Wednesday evening at 9.00pm on BBC One. Eve Myles continues to shine as the big-hearted district nurse whose decisions are scrutinised and judged in this week’s episode. If you’re on the lookout for some less intense, but still entertaining, drama then you’re definitely in the right place.

However, I think it’s also worth mentioning that a new series will be starting this Wednesday evening at the same time of 9.00pm on BBC Two. The Iraq War is a new three-part documentary which also involves decision-making but that of key senior figures before, during and after the Iraq war – this is sure to be a more intense TV choice but an interesting one all the same. I’ll leave this particular decision up to you.

Thursday 30th

Up The Women

This Thursday marks the start of a brand new comedy on BBC Four. After various other new comedies seem to have left lacklustre impressions (I’m mentioning no names) this could be the one that sticks around for all the right reasons. Up The Women is set in 1910 amidst the women’s suffrage movement. The comedy sitcom is written by Jessica Hynes who also stars as Margaret who, having just returned from London, has had her eyes opened to the women’s suffrage movement and wants the Banbury Intricate Craft Circle, of which she is a part of, to request to join. Cue a lot of resistance from the other members of the Craft Circle and (hopefully) a lot of laughs, this three-part series is definitely one to watch and is our top pick for this evening on BBC Four at 8.30pm.

Friday 31st

Is it too soon to start talking about the weekend? Never! And why not start your weekend off with a few laughs. At 9.00pm this Friday evening, Channel 4 are showing Sarah Millican: Thoroughly Modern Millican Live which is a recorded stand up performance from her 2012 UK tour at the London Hammersmith. Being a very prominent figure in today’s comedy scene Sarah is the cheeky Aunt I wish I had and is bound to put a smile on your face with her great gags. Sarah Millican not your cup of tea? Never fear, for Not Going Out concludes its sixth season on BBC One at 9.30pm. Despite Lucy not being able to swim and generally hating water Lee still manages to persuade her to spend the weekend on his Dad’s new boat – you can sort of guess how well that’s going to go.

Saturday 1st June


Just typing the word ‘June’ is slightly terrifying – how are we almost half way through 2013 already?! Good thing there are lots of great TV programmes to look forward to throughout the Summer – I’m particularly excited about The White Queen. But just as exciting, or perhaps even more, is the new series The Americans which starts on ITV at 10.00pm this Saturday. The Americans is an American drama set during the Cold War period and starting in 1981; after much critical acclaim over in the States ITV decided to buy the rights to the show and will air at least two seasons here – thank you ITV! Keri Russel and Matthew Rhys star as Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings, two KGB spies who have had to pose as a married couple in order to spy on the United States. They have two children together who are unaware of their parents’ true identity and the first of thirteen episodes will see the Jennings undertake a mission to kidnap a defector and return him to the Soviet Union, but while the man is locked in the boot of their car an FBI agent moves across the street. If you’re going to invest yourself in a new series then it should be this; not only is The Americans TV pick of the day, it’s certainly safe to say that it’s also TV pick of the week, and I’m very excited to tune in on Saturday!

And there you have Inside Media Track’s top picks for the week – there is definitely lots of variety and some great new series to start watching.