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The Village episode five airs on Sunday 28 April at 9pm on BBC One.

Joe’s brief leave from the Front has come to an end. He has tried hard to conceal his shell-shock from the family, but Grace knows that something is badly wrong.

Grace is waylaid at the factory by Chalcraft, the union rep. She describes conditions at the factory and he appears to be on her side, but when he later falls into conversation with the ever-calculating Bairstow, his true intentions become clear. He wants to ease back returning soldiers into work and get the women back into the home.

When young Bert learns that he is unwittingly responsible for his brother’s state of mind he takes action, with disastrous consequences for the family.

Nico Mirallegro plays Joe Middleton, Maxine Peake plays Grace Middleton, Sam Hazeldine plays Chalcraft, Joe Armstrong plays Detective Bairstow, Bill Jones plays Young Bert Middleton.

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