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‘The Village’ continues, Sunday 14 April at 9pm on BBC One.

Grace worries when there is no news from her oldest son Joe from the front line. She is elated when he returns to the village on leave. However, Joe’s return brings with it the unwelcome news of the village’s first war casualty.

George Allingham tells Martha that his sister Caro is pregnant. Clem and Edmund have already decided that she cannot keep the baby…

Under the guidance of Edmund, Hankin opens the boot factory using cheap labour: Grace and the local women.

There are celebrations in the village as Norma and Arnold get married.

Teacher Eyre is brought before a tribunal to explain why he will not fight. In an attempt to help his mentor and teacher, young Bert Middleton speaks up. His intervention only makes matters worse, and Eyre is marched off to war…

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