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The Fades writer returns with new E4 drama


E4 has commissioned an original 8 – part crime drama series, ‘Glue’ from BAFTA winning The Fades writer, Jack Thorne and Eleven Film.

Described as, twisted, wayward and compelling, the series focuses on murder and secrets. When the body of Caleb, a teenage traveller, is found dead underneath the wheels of a tractor, the village’s inhabitants – his friends – are forced to open up their world and watch their secrets spill out.

Secrets that will change their particular brand of country life forever. Here the stables are the heart of village life. For owner Jackie, her son James and the friends who work there, life’s all about producing the best horses. Simple. But when Ruth, a local girl and junior police officer, becomes involved in the investigation, the simple country life turns out to be darker, more wildly complex than she had ever imagined.

It was bored stable hands experimenting with horse tranquilliser that introduced ketamine to the world. So is a heady cocktail of fresh country air, slow passage of time and an abundance of class A’s to blame for Caleb’s death? Ruth is determined to find out and in the process opens up a world even she had no idea about.

A world where wild kids play chicken on top of silo machines which have blades that can cut your hand into slices no thicker than the ham in your sandwich. The same kids play grain barn-jumping – deadly, if your lungs fill up with the tiny bullets of wheat. Now someone has played murder. In the country most folks know something they shouldn’t about someone who probably should have known better, but in this village it’s what folks don’t know about that begins to unravel as the dead boy’s killer is hunted.

Writer Jack Thorne says; “I grew up in Newbury and was constantly fascinated by life around the stables. In an age where the British countryside feels like its rotting through disrepair and no-one cares, we want to tell a story about ambition, hope, darkness and anarchy.”

Producers Joel Wilson and Jamie Campbell of Eleven Film add; “British drama often focuses on urban environments and the countryside tends to get neglected. The modern countryside is complex, exciting and rarely portrayed the way we’re going to show it. Glue should scare the shit out of anyone who thinks they might move there for a quiet life.”

Written by Jack Thorne (This Is England, Skins, The Fades). Glue will be produced by Eleven Film (Cast Offs, Rick and Peter). The producer is Joel Wilson and the executive producers are Jamie Campbell and Jack Thorne.

‘Glue’ will air in the 10pm slot on E4.

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