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12 teaser lines of dialogue for ‘The Drawing Of The Dark


Things are starting to come together in Merlin… (or should i say break apart?) as we near the finale. Here’s twelve teasers for episode 11, which airs on Saturday, 15 December at 8.15pm on BBC One.

» “She is brazen!”

» “I fear you’re wrong Arthur!”

» “What right have you to question me?”

» “No matter what he preaches he is no different from his father – A tyrant, brute…”

» “There are some parts woven so deeply into the fabric of the world Merlin, that nothing can be done to change them!”

» “I will not rest until you are dead and your kingdom is no more!”

» “Then she is more foolish than I thought.”

» “What of the bond between Knights?”

» “You took me in, I will always remember that… and everything you’ve done for me.”

» “You can do as you wish,  It will not stop Morgana’s uprising.”

» “Please Arthur, you have to listen to me.”

» “Use your magic. Do it!”