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And so the episode arrives where Arthur finally learns the truth about his beloved – but can they break Gwen out of Morgana’s clutches?

Watch a clip below from  “Merlin: With All My Heart,” which shows Gwen secretly meeting with Morgana under the cover of darkness. She has been successful in retrieving the details of Arthur’s next levy collection it order to strike the twin pillars of the King’s power – his army and his treasury.

On a ridge above the clearing we see Arthur and Merlin hidden behind a tree – they have seen and heard everything. For a moment Arthur is too stunned to move, then he whips out his sword. But Merlin stops him, reassuring his friend that Gwen has fallen prey to dark and powerful magic. He promises Arthur he will find a way to turn her back…

Read 12 teasers for the episode and take a look at the picture gallery.

Merlin‘ continues on BBC One on Saturday, 1 December at 8.00pm to 8.45pm.

Watch the trailer below…