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‘Last Tango In Halifax’ episode 2 airs, 27 November at 9.00pm on BBC One.

Continuing with their untraditional approach, Celia and Alan buy an expensive convertible car instead of an engagement ring before throwing an engagement party for their families at the farm, as the drama continues.

During the party, Alan explains that it was because of a message not being passed on sixty years ago that they never ended up together then, but Gillian is surprised to hear who stood in their way.

Caroline and Gillian manage to apologise to each other for their behaviour when they first met, and both of them happily accept that Celia and Alan are perfectly serious about getting married.

Caroline makes mincemeat of Michael Dobson when he tries to blackmail her, but it’s clear she’s very uneasy about anyone knowing about her relationship with Kate. William discovers his dad and Judith drunk together in the house when he comes home from school early one day. John and Caroline appear to be back on track, but when William reveals what he’s seen, Caroline is appalled, and abandons John at the farm following the engagement party and tells him not to come back.

Gillian is worried that Robbie will tell Raff the truth about his dad’s death, and so pre-empts Robbie by telling Raff herself: Eddie committed suicide. Despite Gillian’s candid confession, we still suspect she’s keeping something from Raff. During the engagement party Raff is arrested by his Uncle Robbie for beating up Paul Jatri and Gillian’s terrified that it’ll emerge that she’s been sleeping with the 22-year-old.

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