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Steve’s decided it’s time to ‘put a ring on it.’


They’re back and as disgusting as ever, and but the loved up pair can’t help being lovable… from afar that is.

Steve (Russell Tovey) has decided to pop the question to Becky (Sarah Solemani), only trouble is, he’s having trouble keeping it a secret along with the ring, as nosy visitors, a suspicious Becky and lack of space means by the time Becky will actually get the ring on her finger, she may want to thoroughly disinfectant it first; During the course of the episode, it’s been in the bin, the toilet cistern, and more worryingly – on sleazy Dan (Joe Wilkinson) from upstairs hand.

Not to mention uber brat, Becky’s selfish sister Laura (Kerry Howard), who warns Steve not to pop the question, purely so Becky won’t steal her own wedding spotlight to the just as awful Paul (Ricky Champ), who’s trying to grow a moustache. Somehow I can’t see Paul giving any money to charity with his though.

Steve and Becky may be childish, disgusting, and lazy, but they’re warm-hearted and adorable compared to the likes of Paul and Laura, and Dan and Shelly (I think I can literally feel my skin crawl with those two).

Another brilliant start to one of the best underrated comedy series around from Stefan Golaszewski – Loved it!