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It’s Wilson’s birthday and Jim has a few surprises


Jonny has been promoted at work but his famil

y want to know if he has a girlfriend.

Truly Mark Heap is a genius when it comes to portraying strange, deranged or just plain bizarre characters and Jim in Friday Night Dinner is no exception. After last week’s catastrophic date for the hapless personal spacely challenged misfit, this week was his dog Wilson’s birthday and he was determined to spend it in style – or at least his own personal style. Even though Jim’s antics were just a minor part of the episode, they were also the most amusing as the family ran around in chaos as usual. Jim’s creepy appearance when Martin opened the window due to his heightened temperature saw Jim practically fall through the suddenly open window as the family continued their meal and while this may not have been an important plot point, it certainly had me laughing heartily. His role in subsequent events was somewhat unfortunate for everyone involved…

Anyway, back to the main plot, the Goodman’s were sitting down to their regular Friday Night Dinner and Adam arrived to find his agitated father Martin furious after a local pigeon had targeted his car. Martin was supposed to be on a low cholesterol diet but he had managed to convince Jonny and Adam to smuggle cakes and cheese to him unbeknownst to Jackie. To make things just a little bit ickier than usual he was hiding the treats in the toilet cistern. Jonny had great news in that he had been promoted at work but after a raunchy phone call (intercepted on speakerphone by Adam) from Liz, his boss, the family were left wondering if he got the promotion for the right reasons.

Jim’s appearance was more odd than usual and with Jackie offering fruit salad as a healthy dessert, Jim’s presence, complete with a cake, was a welcome event but unfortunately the cake that dogs and humans can both enjoy was less palatable once they found out the contents.

Jonny’s company car was somewhat unusual and a family spin in the car led to some questions about Jonny’s new girlfriend as well as an unwelcome homecoming with burglars having stolen Martin’s prized fax machine that he had just bought. Martin’s food deception was embarrassingly realised by the police and to Jonny and Adam’s surprise a burglar was still in the house…

This episode was frankly hilarious and as it escalated further and further the laughs just kept on coming. Every character had their part to play and there is a genuine family feeling running through the cast that makes even the most ridiculous scenarios completely believable. Adam and Jonny’s foolish trickery with mobile phone ringtones was a little puerile but they more than made up for it with the rest of the plot. Each little slice of family life is brilliantly realised and with such outlandish scenarios and great characters it makes you think that they must dread their Friday Night Dinners but I certainly don’t. Laugh out loud comedy from a fantastic team.