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12 teaser lines of dialogue for ‘Merlin: A Lesson In Vengeance’

» “A crust like rusted iron…”

» “Merlin, I would strongly recommend that you start showing a little less interest in Guinevere’s clothing and a little more interest in mine.”

» “You did what you had to do Guinevere you had no choice, I understand that.”

» “At least it’s not the turnip stew.”

» “Just a few drops will ease your troubles my dear.”

» “I was just checking for holes.”

» “I will not let that happen, I would lay down my life to protect you.”

» “Very particular what you seek.”

» “Come closer…we dont want to be heard do we?”

» “Well, three of us.”

» “You noticed anything about Gwen of late?”

» “No. If it means me dying instead of her, then so be it, I’d rather die.”