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‘The Paradise’ episode 5 airs tonight at 9pm on BBC One, including a guest appearance from Doctor Who‘s, Arthur Darvill.

Katherine is desperate to win Moray back. So when he resists her advances she resorts to underhand tactics and games in order to cause a public stir and force Moray’s attention.

Moray thinks the time is now right to expand the store but to do so he needs to persuade Burroughs the barber next door to sell his shop. But Burroughs will only sell on condition he is made a junior partner in the business. Moray has no choice.

Denise, meanwhile, proposes an idea to attract more custom in Ladieswear. Gentlemen’s Afternoon is intended to pique the curiosity of men who might wish to purchase a gift for their wives. But when the men appear to be having more fun than is seemly, their wives are scandalised and threaten to boycott the store.

Burroughs claims to Jonas that he has incriminating evidence surrounding the death of Moray’s wife. Loyal Jonas is furious and decides that Burroughs must be dealt with once and for all, but his actions are witnessed by an employee.

Cast: Emun Elliott plays John Moray, Joanna Vanderham plays Denise Lovett, Elaine Cassidy plays Katherine Glendenning, Patrick Malahide plays Lord Glendenning, Peter Wight plays Edmund Lovett, David Hayman plays Jonas Franks, Sarah Lancashire plays Miss Audrey, Matthew McNulty plays Dudley, Ruby Bentall plays Pauline, Sonya Cassidy plays Clara, Stephen Wight plays Sam, Finn Burridge plays Arthur and guest starring Arthur Darvill as Bradley Burroughs.

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