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The Paradise episode 4 airs Tuesday 16th October at 9pm on BBC One.

When Miss Audrey develops a mysterious illness, her absence creates a vacancy for a temporary head of Ladieswear. With a potential client expected to make a large order, Moray and Dudley’s decision causes friction and jealousy between Denise and Clara.

Meanwhile, Moray appears on edge, unsure how he feels about Katherine’s new suitor. Katherine enjoys the respect and the affection that Adler is giving her, but is it really enough to make her happy? When Glendenning starts to see the cracks appearing in Katherine’s resolve to move on from Moray he grows frustrated.

Believing it to be jealousy that irks Moray, Dudley urges Katherine to try again. In a vulnerable state, Moray nearly succumbs to Clara’s attempts at seduction, but can he stop it before it becomes too late?

When Edmund remembers something that might be responsible for Miss Audrey’s mysterious illness, Moray must step in and resolve the problem to reinstate his Leading Lady to her rightful place and restore order in Ladieswear.

Written by Bill Gallagher

Cast: Emun Elliott plays John Moray, Joanna Vanderham plays Denise Lovett, Elaine Cassidy plays Katherine Glendenning, Patrick Malahide plays Lord Glendenning, Peter Wight plays Edmund Lovett, David Hayman plays Jonas Franks, Sarah Lancashire plays Miss Audrey, Matthew McNulty plays Dudley, Ruby Bentall plays Pauline, Sonya Cassidy plays Clara, Stephen Wight plays Sam, Finn Burridge plays Arthur and guest starring Mark Bonnar as Adler.

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