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Twelve teaser lines of dialogue for episode 6

Only two more episode of BBC One’s ‘The Paradise‘ left after episode 6, so we thought we’d up the ante a bit, by tantalising you with not ten, but twelve teasers this week below…

Well its true what they say: there are no secrets in The Paradise.

Clara can we be friends now…please?

I will be your haven, I promise you.

Sir, why is Mr Moray’s grief so tender?

Have you sold Sally? Tell me you haven’t sold Sally and Bertie

How old do you think I am Arthur?

Oh lord, it is Mr Moray.

What have I done?

It’s not so easy to like a shadow.

Why do you refuse to respect my authority?

I would never imagine such self-deception would come from you.

Buttons don’t fly away!