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A war of cuteness is on and Wilfred is worried


A baby is on the way, Wilfred is not a happy pooch and Ryan feels guilty about his sister’s plight.

Sadly I feel that the real humour that made Wilfred brilliant has waned recently, I’m unsure as to why this is and have been attributing it to the fact that it used to be a sort of buddy comedy with the two main characters sort of in their own little world with others breaking in on their unreality. With more characters stealing some of the focus, the real joy of the deliciously dark comedy seems to have been lost a little. The show is just as dark as before, with Wilfred pulling some pretty unsavoury stunts in this episode, but the rapport between Ryan and Wilfred no longer seems as strong, meaning that something is gone.

This week, Wilfred was dismayed at the arrival of Ryan’s heavily pregnant sister Kristen. In trying to help Jenna pass a drugs test in the first series Ryan. had demanded a urine sample from Kristen by blackmailing her about an affair she had with a doctor and the test subsequently revealed that she was pregnant (leading for some confusion for Jenna) and she disappeared off to India for several months, returning 6 months pregnant. Ryan agreed that she could stay but was his sister telling the truth about her loving relationship with the married father of her child? Meanwhile, Wilfred has waged war against the unborn child, believing that the battle for cuteness was an age-old problem between dogs and babies. Doing everything he can to prevent the baby becoming a rival he eventually realised that perhaps babies are not the enemy after all. Kristen comes to a startling conclusion about the situation she is in, leading to a sense of relief for Ryan.

While the episode was watchable, it was perhaps not as good as those in the first series and hopefully Ryan and Wilfred will grow closer again and the warmth will return. Although I think that Ryan’s girlfriend Amanda is great, I’m sure that Wilfred will have something to say when they get serious and given the choice would Ryan choose his new girlfriend or the troublesome terror? Wilfred’s clinginess is very much like a dog, not wanting to be left alone and Ryan had a hard time keeping an eye on Wilfred while doing his job and taking care of his sister. His guilt over his behaviour in the past was weighing Ryan down and Wilfred’s feckless advice did little to help but it was good to see the eventual conclusion. I like the show and I hope that the relationship improves between Wilfred and Ryan as it has seemed very stilted since the beginning of this series. Hopefully the dastardly doggy will get back to his nefarious self soon.