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Currently the airdate for ‘Last Tango In Halifax’ seems a bit up in the air, as the original date has now been put back by the BBC, however as soon as we hear we will update this article.

Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid lead the cast in a new romantic comedy series, ‘Last Tango In Halifax,’ made by Red Production Company for BBC One.

Alan Buttershaw (Jacobi) and Celia Dawson (Reid) are both widowed and in their 70s. When their grandsons put them on Facebook, they rediscover feelings for one another that are just as intense and beautiful now as they were 60 years ago when they were teenagers. The story of their relationship is a celebration of the uplifting power of love at any age. But this is also a story about family, and it’s just as dark as it is comic. Both Alan and Celia’s family come with baggage.

Alan’s daughter Gillian (Nicola Walker) and Celia’s daughter Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) are like chalk and cheese. Chaotic, independent Gillian runs the family farm along with her teenage son, Raff, after the death of her husband in an apparent farming accident. Arrogant, ultra-respectable Caroline is the headmistress of a successful school, dealing with the fallout of her academic husband John’s extra-marital affair. Neither daughter would ever dream of getting in the way of their parents’ happiness. But somehow life – and love – are never quite that straightforward.

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