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When a disastrous field trip leaves Alfie and the kids in the woods, can Alfie save the day?

 It seems that there are many ways to thoroughly humiliate yourself when trying desperately to impress someone you fancy.

Jack Whitehall is yet again hilarious in this self penned show. ‘Bad Education’ is shaping up to be the perfect BBC Three treat and hopefully there will be more to come from the show in the future. With the perfectly pitched humour and great performances from all, there are very few flaws in this school based sitcom.

In this weeks adventure, Alfie and Rosie were taking their classes to an Ink Museum and Petting Zoo (strangely in the same location) and with a wildly inappropriate bus driver, Mitchell smuggling miniature bottles of alcohol onto the bus and realisation that Rosie had a date planned – all is not going well for Alfie. Mollinson was terrifying the kids with her holiday photos and Alfie was similarly alarming with his utility harness and tales of his survival skills. The trip to the museum was unsuccessful with the revelation that the animals had worms and the student’s ridiculous questions leaving Alfie mortified, though he couldn’t come up with anything helpful himself. Alfie’s intoxicated desire to make a grand gesture for Rosie led to him setting one of the animals free which created further problems down the line. After a situation on the coach, Alfie, Rosie and some of the students were forced to go for help, encountering some dangerous plantlife, angry fishermen (who to be fair were only angry once Alfie had finished with them) and some people in a car with a curious pastime. Also, is Rosie’s date really all that she expected? Meanwhile, Pickwell’s field trip to the abattoir had the students somewhat shocked and Fraser’s Rap fight field trip may have meant he won a prize but he inadvertently lost his class.

With any sitcom, the wilder the situation, the funnier it generally is and ‘Bad Education’ is no exception. The kids are just as outrageous always and Jack Whitehall’s determination to be as embarrassing as possible is a true credit to his comedy. The rude bus driver was a fantastic touch and he provided some of the more risqué comedy. Some of the children’s questions at the museum were truly hilarious, Alfie’s berry and mushroom combo led to some really funny scenes and we never did find out where ink came from. Never failing to disappoint, this episode was just as raucous and ridiculous as those that have gone before and the only disappointing thing that springs to mind is that there are only a few episodes left in the series before the agonising wait is on.

With a new series of ‘Fresh Meat’ on the way, there’ll be plenty of Jack Whitehall tomfoolery to keep us amused but he will always be the hapless Alfie Wickers in my eyes. Delightfully comic.