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Episode 2 teasers

Here’s 10 teasers lines of dialogue for episode 2 of The Paradise which airs on BBC One, Tuesday 2nd October at 9pm.

» Where I come from we call it playing canny

» I feel rather like a charlatan

» Ah yes I can see why she might find your presence rather alarming Denise.

» Your word means as much to me as any member of the gentry – So long as you’re telling the truth.

» Glad it was you who found me

» Wealth is not happiness Sam; Privilege is not contentment

» The gift is rather an excessive reward for such a small gesture

» Oh Miss Paradise Pink. Yes that is marvellous Mr Moray sir…what is it?

» Because she’s a lady, she can’t tell the truth

» It wasnt big, it was striking!