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Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Wilfred is attention seeking and Ryan is desperate to go on a date but a deadline looms.

Although I enjoyed this episode, it did seem a little weaker than usual, with Wilfred causing his trademark havoc but this time at Ryan’s workplace. It was only a matter of time before the hell raising hound made it into Ryan’s office and there was bound to be chaos but I felt that they could have done a lot more with this episode.

While Ryan was busy on a project and getting ready for his date with a pretty lab assistant, Wilfred was going stir crazy in the house on his own and after trashing Ryan’s house in the absence of Jenna and Drew, the decision was taken to bring Wilfred into Ryan’s office. Surely knowing that it wouldn’t end well, Ryan was a little nervous at first but his colleagues seemed to love Wilfred and showered him with affection – especially Ryan’s boss who ends up spooning Wilfred in the middle of the office floor much to Wilfred’s chagrin. Despite given a tight deadline on the project he was working on, Ryan found the situation being more relaxed with his boss’s love of the conniving canine and his date seemed a possibility once again. However, as Wilfred’s popularity waned he became desperate to regain the attention and this led to a highly comical scene where, as Ryan worked on his project, Wilfred and Bear attempted to come up with a new trick to make Wilfred shine once more.

The deadline tightened again and Wilfred’s antics caused trouble with the janitor forcing Ryan to do his job for him. After a pep talk from Wilfred, Ryan realised that he had to stand up for himself and barged into his bosses office several times with surprising consequences meaning that not only did Ryan get to go on his date but he also managed to wangle a week off too.

The scene where Wilfred was trying to come up with a new trick to do at the office was inspired, with his trying to decide what would win over the office then attempting to perform his choice of ‘paper bag stuck on the head’ only to be thwarted made for hilarious telly. The scene where he kept thinking that another dog was staring at him and attacking it only to realise that it was a mirror was also very funny, it’s times like that where you do remember that Wilfred is a dog.

All in all, the episode was okay but lacked any serious mayhem on Wilfred’s part and perhaps didn’t amuse me quite as much as other episodes in the past. Still, onward and upwards for this intriguing existential comedy and I’m sure that it will be back next week with renewed fervour and vigour.