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Jodie Foster goes behind the camera for drama ‘Angie’s Body’

Jodie Foster is set to direct and executive produce a drama for the Showtime network in the USA. ‘Angie’s Body’ will be her first major work behind the camera in television. Her TV career until now has been limited to guest roles in shows such as The Simpsons (where she was the voice of Maggie Simpson), The X Files and Frasier and directing a single episode of syndicated anthology show Tales from the Darkside in 1988

‘Angie’s Body’ is written by Heroes alumnus Rob Fresco and tells the story of a shrewd, sexy and when needed lethal woman who runs a family based crime syndicate.

The project comes to Showtime as the network ends the runs of Weeds and The Big C, two other shows with strong female protagonists.

Source: Deadline.com