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‘Good Cop’ episode 2 airs Thursday 6 September at 9pm on BBC One.

Sav is under serious threat from Callum Rose, Finch’s mate. He claims he was waiting for Finch in a car outside the house on the night that Sav returned. Sav thinks back to that night: did Callum see him leaving the house?

Callum is wildly unpredictable and he seems to know a lot about Sav. He also has a habit of turning up unexpectedly, and this leaves Sav with no option but to take action.

Meanwhile Sav and his new partner Amanda attempt to identify a homeless woman whom they were unable to prevent from jumping off a building. Sav finally manages to arrange a meeting with his estranged ex Cassie, but it doesn’t turn out as he’d hoped.

Cast: Warren Brown plays PC John Paul Rocksavage, Michael Angelis plays Robert Rocksavage, Aisling Loftus plays Cassandra, Tom Hopper plays Andy Stockwell, Stephen Graham plays Noel Finch, Stephen Walters plays Callum Rose, Joe Macaulay plays Jonjo Heinz, Jodie Comer plays Amy, Johann Myers plays Gary Walton, Carl Rice plays Philip Davenport, Kerrie Hayes plays WPC Amanda Morgan, Kevin Harvey plays Sergeant Middleton, Robbie Jarvis plays DCI Stoddart, Christine Tremarco plays Nurse Justine, Mark Womack plays DCI Costello, Philip Hill Pearson plays DC Liam Frainey and Shaun Mason plays Kyle Smart.

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