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At present the BBC haven’t released any pictures for episode 5 of Silk, but to tide you over we have the episode information and some Behind the Scenes pictures for you.

Silk episode 5 is confirmed to air Tuesday 12 June on BBC One at 9pm.

Martha is representing Jackson Henderson in a death row case at the Supreme Court. Briefs don’t come with higher stakes than this. But Billy is worried; he knows the emotional strain a case like this will have on her, plus Micky is still pursuing her for Jody Farr.

With the clock ticking until Jackson’s execution in Jamaica, Martha faces one of the toughest legal arguments of her career.

The day of Fatima Ali’s trial looms, and Clive increasingly feels that he’s not the right barrister for her. At the risk of losing George, Clive persuades Martha to take the brief instead, conveniently leaving him free for the trial of his career, prosecuting Jody Farr.

Martha knows unless Fatima speaks up for herself, the truth will never come out. Just as she thinks the case is lost, Martha is offered a deal with the Devil in return for Fatima’s freedom…

Maxine Peake is Martha; Rupert Penry-Jones is Clive; Neil Stuke is Billy; Phil Davis is Micky Joy; Frances Barber is Caroline Warwick ‘CW’; Indira Varma is George Duggan; Shaun Evans is Daniel Lomas; Shanaya Rafaat is Fatima; and Natasha Williams is Florence Henderson.

BBC/Ed Miller