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“Hathaway is everything I’m not.”

Lewis actor Laurence Fox has confirmed suspicions that the next series of the hit ITV1 Oxford based drama will be its last.

During an interview with the Daily Telegraph the actor who plays
DS James Hathaway, let slip the news: “Kev [Whately] and I have decided we want to do other things, otherwise it all gets a bit samey,” Fox said.

Adding: “I mean we could have gone on forever, but… [realising his slip-up] “Oh God was I supposed to say that? I have no idea if I’m allowed to tell you it’s ending.”

Morse and Lewis creator and writer Colin Dexter also commented to the Radio Times on the future of the series back in May: “I don’t think he (Lewis) can go on much longer. They’ll probably do one more series.”

Lewis, a spin-off from the long-running series Inspector Morse, stars Kevin Whately in the title role with Fox as his sidekick. However Fox admits he’s nothing like his on-screen character: “Hathaway is everything I’m not,”comments the actor; “Hathaway is cool, unflappable, decisive; he’s who I’d really like to be, instead of the undisciplined mess I am. But it’s a part that involves asking questions – the same questions – in every episode and looking unimpressed by the answers. I think I need to broaden my range before I start randomly arresting people down the pub.”