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A game-changing episode leaves Mia facing more than her fair share of family woes

Mia’s life is now as complicated as the answer to Riley’s question: If evolution does exist, how come women only have two hands?’ The lines couldn’t be any more blurrier. It was only a matter of time before Mia’s ‘career’ as a hitman crossed the boundary into her new domestic setting. Riley finally blurts out she’s pregnant, with Mia excited at the opportunity to bring up a child she could never bear herself (and relive the early childhood she missed with her son Ryan.) Meanwhile her relationship with Ben is hitting stormy seas as Ben is finding it increasingly difficult to come to terms with who Mia is; ‘Maybe there’s still some man inside of you.’ he tells Mia after witnessing her cold reaction to a beating. (Have you not been watching Ben? The writers are forever reminding us of the “man inside!” Really  –  They can’t get enough of the wonders prosthetics can do these days.)

The once safe haven of the smallholdings now has more watchful eyes spying than ever – with Eddie doing his dodgy dealings; John continually watching and waiting to exact revenge. And then there’s our mystery man who’s been stalking the family’s movements for some time – who now decides that its time to reveal his identity when he see’s Leonie alone. Turns out he’s not as sinister as he looks and is in fact Wendy’s brother. (Why couldn’t he just knock on the door?) Although it was probable he would turn out to be harmless, i was disappointed a new family member now inhabits the holdings. I liked the set-up of Mia trying to adjust to the family, i somehow think his presence will now add family balance, leading to less of Mia having to adjust to being the sole responsible parent for the family.

In Mia’s world a meet at a chinese restaurant is a cover; even a fish and chip dinner is code for: ‘Considerable risk as I have a hit to do,’ as Levi and Ryan tag along in the car in an attempt to avoid leaving them in the presence of vile John – whose eager to dispose of the one person who can match and beat his authority, and now stands in his way of his power to force Riley to terminate the pregnancy.

The episode was slow-moving in places but the ending was fraught with tension as we watched Riley struggle to reach the gun; shooting John in self-defence – but does that now leave Riley embroiled in Mia’s world? Vincent Reagan has done a brilliant job of portraying such a heinous character. Now the evil baddie has gone, Riley’s future and that of her baby. now hangs in Mia’s hands to clean up the evidence.

Mia’s retirement from a world of violence and brutality slips further away each week. Eddie of course has no intention of letting Mia leave his lucrative business – with a murder scene now in the house he put his name to, his leverage over Mia has increased tenfold. However it was a brave move to dispose of John in episode 4.

Only two episode left of this fabulous drama.

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