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AMC has released a behind the scenes video for season 3 of the popular zombie show The Walking Dead, including various cast and crew revealing hints of what’s to come – and lots of blood.

Back in March of this year Executive Producer Robert Kirkman, revealed to TV Line, details about what’s to come in season 3 after the shocking season 2 finale.

“What I really like about the transition from Season 2 to Season 3 as opposed to Season 1 to Season 2 transition is that when we were moving into Season 2 there were so many unknowns. All of the questions were, “Are we going to see the farm? Are they going to follow the comic?” And now that we’re moving into Season 3, we’ve seen Michonne. We’ve seen the prison. We know that the Governor has been cast. So the fans really have a clear indication of what kind of things to expect in the third season and where we’re going and some of the stories that we may be telling if they’re familiar with the comic book series. Our third season is definitely going to be our best season yet. I’m really excited to get into it. It’s actually hard for me to do interviews about Season 2 because I’m like, “Oh my God, Season 3 blows this stuff out of the water. You just wait.” We’ve been working on Season 3 for a few months now. We’re wrapping up the first half and we’ve got everything nailed down. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Describing the transition of Rick’s character (Andrew Lincoln), Kirkman says: “He’s forced into this leadership role and, at the end of the [season 2] episode, we see that he is taking this on and it is affecting him. And he’s growing darker. And he is saying, “Hey, you want me to be the leader? That’s fine. I’m going to be the leader. You don’t like it? Fend for yourself. Let’s see how you do.” He’s growing harsher in this world. And the series is always going to be about whether or not he can retain his humanity, or whether or not he is going to become some kind of hardened monster that really exists only to provide survival for him and his family.”

With the announcement of new characters, Kirkman reveals there are more additions to the cast to be announced: “There are still some surprises around the corner. We wouldn’t be revealing so much in our final episode of Season 2 if we didn’t have so much more to reveal in the marketing [campaign] for Season 3 and also in the episodes when the season begins. There are a lot of surprises around the corner.”

The Walking Dead season 3 will premiere on AMC in the US and on FX in the UK.

Season 2 is currently airing Tuesdays’s at 10pm on Channel 5 in the UK.

Watch the behind the scenes video below.