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Silk series 2 episode 2 will air Tuesday 22 May on BBC One at 9pm.

Martha is at a Court Martial representing Captain Ed Ryan, who is accused of disobeying an order, resulting in the death of a 19-year-old private.

Under the watchful eyes of Ryan’s distraught family, who want answers, Martha navigates the army’s legal system with the help of Captain Cassidy – Ryan’s Unit Defence Officer and friend.

Martha doggedly seeks the truth which she believes is hidden beneath words of loyalty and honour. As she peels back the layers of past and present wounds, the shocking reality of modern combat is revealed.

For Clive, temptation is never far away: Caroline Warwick offers him some juicy prosecution work to help his silk application and Billy warns him to keep his relationship with George Duggan purely professional – but could this act as a red rag to a bull?

Cast: Maxine Peake is Martha; Rupert Penry-Jones is Clive; Neil Stuke is Billy; Matthew McNulty is Captain Ed Ryan; Jamie Parker is Captain Cassidy; Phil Davis is Micky Joy; Frances Barber is Caroline Warwick ‘CW’ and Indira Varma is George Duggan.