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Episode four of Lip Service airs Friday 11th May at 9pm on BBC Three.

Tess is in unrequited love hell, so when Ed starts gloating about his love life it makes her feel even lonelier.

Sadie is sure her clinch with magazine editor Lauren is her ticket out of temping hell, but is left reeling when Lauren snubs her at the office.

Back at her day job, Sadie’s irreverent take on waitressing gets her into hot water and she’s caught off guard when Lauren turns up at the restaurant to make amends.

The pair end up spending the afternoon together in a hotel room, but when Lauren rushes off, leaving Sadie a bundle of money to settle the hotel bill, she’s left feeling less than valued by her lover.

At the hospital Dr Declan teases Lexy when she reveals she’s taking Sam to a wine tasting event as a friend. On hearing this, Bea shows signs of jealously which makes Lexy question whether their ‘no-strings-attached’ arrangement is as straightforward as she’d hoped.

Tess finds herself on an impromptu blind date with Meg, a friend of Nora and Ed’s. But when events take a weird turn for the worse she calls on Lexy to save the day.

At the wine tasting Sam warms to Lexy – but then makes an alarming discovery.

Tess is played by Fiona Button, Ed by James Anthony Pearson, Sadie by Natasha O’Keeffe, Lauren by Neve McIntosh, Dr Declan by Adam Sinclair, Lexy by Anna Skellern, Bea by Alana Hood, Meg by Ainsley Howard, Nora by Sinéad Keenan and Sam by Heather Peace.