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Episode 3 of Silk will air Tuesday 29 May on BBC One at 9pm.

Clive is in Oxford to prosecute three male students accused of sexually assaulting a young waitress.

He is up against three silks who employ playground tactics. Clive begins to lose his nerve, but a chance encounter with his old friend Ed Marmor bolsters his confidence and he discovers a passion for prosecuting which he didn’t know he had. When his client’s honesty is called into question and with the case in danger of collapsing around him, Clive is faced with one of the biggest decisions of his professional career.

In a case that echoes Clive’s, Martha is defending Ricky Armitage, who has trashed his local mini-mart and attacked the shopkeeper. His violence and lack of remorse are astounding, yet Martha can see that he was fated to walk on a self-destructive path and decides that she will try to divert him.

Cast: Maxine Peake is Martha; Rupert Penry-Jones is Clive; Neil Stuke is Billy; Morgan Watkins is Ricky Armitage; Rhashan Stone is Ed Marmor; Kaye Wragg is Jamie Slotover; Alex Jennings is Alan Cowdrey; Stephanie Street is Tavishi Gupta; Frances Barber is Caroline Warwick ‘CW’ and Indira Varma is George Duggan.