0 1 min 12 yrs

A two-part drama written by Stephen Davis

Part two of two

Nikki hunts down the original detective on the case, Detective Inspector Gladwyn, and visits the church which killer Arnold Mears attended as a boy.

Mears is furious that the police have been made aware of the undiscovered bodies and declares that he is prepared to reveal where he has hidden them – but only to Nikki. Can she outwit the scheming Mears and compel him to reveal the whereabouts of the bodies and Annie?

William Gaminara plays Leo, Emilia Fox plays Nikki, Tom Ward plays Harry, James Cosmo plays Arnold Mears, Rakie Ayola plays Annie, Tobi Bakare plays Andy, Pooky Quesnel plays Helen Karamides and Ken Drury plays Detective Inspector Gladwyn.

BBC/John Rogers