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“You take that delusion out of my son’s head… and you crush it!”

Emma’s continued presence in Storybrooke is starting to affect the residents and surroundings. When an old dis-used mine collapses, just as Emma attaches her new shiny deputy badge, Henry is convinced it’s proof that Emma’s presence is slowly chipping away at the curse, and decides the only course of action is to go and explore the mine for clues.

But with the Mayor blocking everyone from the mine (since when did the Mayor become structural experts, and where was her shiny yellow vest) and suspiciously hiding a piece of glass she has found, she’s desperate to keep Henry away; proclaiming motherly love of course – which he doesn’t believe for a second. Enraged that her son still believes she’s evil, she orders his therapist (I say order I mean threaten) Archie Hopper (in Henry’s mind Jiminy Cricket) to shatter her son’s illusions for good…or else!

When Archie words cause Henry to run into the mineshaft, with Archie behind, the mine collapses and blocks the entrance leaving the two mothers Emma and Regina forced to work together. Meanwhile Henry helps Archie (Raphael Sbarge) see he is more like Jiminy Cricket than he realises, and that although he may be flawed he is good after all; just like his fairytale self. Personally I’m still not feeling Archie’s character…as a cricket he was great though.

Love is in the air at the hospital and our Mary Margaret and John Doe (Snow White and Prince Charming) are getting close, and more adorable by the second, but that pesky wife of his (probably fake, and planted by the Mayor to keep them apart) keeps getting in the way. With John having no memory of his past he humours her even though his hearts desire is Mary and he hers…

Amidst all the chaos Rumpelstiltskin is doing his dodgy deals, which by now I would say makes him more powerful than the Evil Queen. He keeps the puppet bodies of Jiminy Cricket’s mistake – for what purpose we as yet do not know! As much as Robert Carlyle is a great actor, I do find his Rumpelstiltskin a little over the top, I’m sure he’s modelled his voice on Gollum half the time. I’m just waiting each week for him to say “My Precious.”

Jennifer Morrison and Jared Gilmore continue to impress as Emma and Henry with a great bond and growing sense of affection between mother and child becoming more apparent. You could certainly see the hurt when the Mayor (ever the perfect baddie), pushed her away after she had saved her son. Sheriff Graham is still as pleasant on the eye –  although lacking in lines, I’m sure that will change though as his affair with the Mayor becomes public knowledge.

Basically I’m still hooked!

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