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 Lip Service, BBC Three’s provocative drama, returns for a second series

Sam played by Heather Peace

Sam, the detective sergeant and Cat’s girlfriend, has always been the well-adjusted, grown up in the group.

Steadfast, honest and loyal she has a lot of self-respect and won’t be messed around – or so she thinks.

Oblivious to Cat’s deception, Sam believes that their relationship is stronger than ever. She is also immersed in a difficult case at work. As her job and personal life get more complicated, Sam is about to face challenges that will rock her steadfast foundations.

What reactions have you had from the fans following the first series?

The reaction has been awesome and very unexpected. Sam was essentially a supporting role so I never thought there would be such a balanced argument as to who did the fans want Cat to be with. It’s a credit to the writing that they made Sam such a strong contender.

Have you been surprised by the audience reaction to Lip Service?

I’m not surprised at the general reaction to the show from the gay audience as it’s been the first show since The L Word that was essentially about our lives and, quite frankly, about time too.

What has been more unexpected and pleasing is the reaction from the straight audience too. It proves that the show is essentially a love story that everyone can relate to. It is a show about love, friendship and betrayal and not just about being gay.

What challenges await Sam in this series – professionally and personally?

It’s a much darker second series for Sam. There are things going on in her life that have an effect on how she deals with the pressures of her job. Sam has always been the strong one, but this series we start to see chinks in her armour.

Does Sam think that she has a future with Cat?

Sam totally thinks that Cat is ‘The One’. Her whole thinking is about their future together from this point on. That’s what makes the betrayal on Cat’s part difficult to watch.

Cat also is confused. It would be so much clearer if she didn’t love Sam but she does. It’s the unfinished business with Frankie that confuses Cat. She was the love of her life that walked out on her without an explanation.

Do you think that Sam sees herself as part of the gang now or is she still something of an outsider?

Sam is not really part of the group, she is definitely the outsider. But with the introduction of new characters that are also not part of that nucleus we see Sam develop, which is really nice. We also see more of her relationship with her work partner Ryder.

Sam is considered to be the ‘grown-up’ member of the group, do you think this is true?

She is, on the surface of things, the most sorted and sane one. She knows what she wants and she is solid in her choices. She has a very high pressured, responsible job and she’s good at it.

The second series sees her having to come to terms with the fact that she cannot always be so strong or deal with things alone. It was interesting, after her strength in series one, to look at her vulnerabilities in this series. It’s quite a journey for Sam.

You’re going to be in the next series of BBC One’s drama Waterloo Road, tell us about your character?

We filmed it straight after Lip Service and it’s due out in Spring. I play Nikki Boston, who has joined the teaching profession after having been in the military. She is very strict and no nonsense and brings a great deal of discipline to the kids she teaches. She’s quite an action girl, I don’t know what gave them the idea that I might be good at that!

With Waterloo Road moving to Scotland and Lip Service filming in Scotland, maybe you should move there?!

I was actually considering buying a flat in Glasgow. Glasgow is fast becoming my second home.

I do love Glasgow. I love that it’s so easy to get out into the breath-taking scenery just beyond the city. It’s a vibrant place full of great theatre and live music so I’m happy to be there.

Aside from Lip Service, what other projects have you got in the pipeline?

My music is the main focus at the moment. I had a fantastic time touring the UK last year and my first studio album, Fairytales, will be released this Spring.

I have been in the studio with producer Nigel Wright finishing the tracks and also rehearsing for my next tour. The music keeps me happy and busy and I’m really excited to see what this year brings!


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