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Episode 3 airs on BBC Three, Friday 4th May at 9pm.

Still reeling with shock, the friends each deal with events in their own way.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, Sam isn’t coping and she struggles to deal with everyone fussing around about her. To make matters worse she starts asking awkward questions – which none of the group want to answer.

Sly Sadie lands herself an interview with trendy arts and culture magazine Minus 21, to be a writer. The fearsome editor Lauren has the measure of her inexperience, but is drawn to bolshie, sexy Sadie and their meeting is charged with sexual tension.

Things are tense at the flat. Tess desperately tries to connect with Frankie, who is shutting her out. To add insult to injury Frankie seems to favour Sadie, who appears to have moved into their flat.

Tess’s emotions are further frayed when she has to endure a sleepless night listening to the loud sexual conquests of her flatmates – and it turns out Lexy isn’t quite as single as Tess had hoped.

Tess enlists Ed’s help with Nora, but is unprepared for the consequences of this meeting. Thankfully Hugh is on hand to distract Tess with some minor vandalism and general bad behaviour.

Sam is played by Heather Peace, Tess by Fiona Button, Frankie by Ruta Gedmintas, Sadie by Natasha O’Keeffe, Lexy by Anna Skellern, Ed by James Anthony Pearson, Nora by Sinéad Keenan, Hugh by Stuart McQuarrie and Lauren by Neve McIntosh.