0 2 mins 12 yrs

When Mr Pritchard receives an invitation to act as Servants’ Representative for the up and coming Servants’ Ball, he meets fellow representative Miss Whisset and a surprising courtship ensues. As the friendship deepens an engagement seems imminent…

Upstairs, the cracks in the Holland’s marriage deepen and Lady Agnes decides to take some time away from 165 Eaton Place. His wife’s absence throws Sir Hallam into turmoil and he becomes increasingly reckless, unaware that his misdemeanours are becoming more and more evident to those around him.

But when Sir Hallam is confronted with the reality of his behaviour he begins to question whether his actions have had more sinister consequences…

Meanwhile, Beryl and Harry’s relationship flourishes and the pair plan to start an exciting new life together until Harry’s past causes Beryl to reconsider their future…and causes Harry to resort to desperate measures.

Written by Deborah O’Malley

Thanks to BBC/Nick Wall