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Episode four of Upstairs Downstairs, created by Heidi Thomas, this episode is written by Stephen Thompson.

Determined to impress Beryl, Harry signs up to the local boxing championships and, when he is told he is too old, recruits Johnny to keep his dream of winning Beryl over alive. However, after seeing Johnny receive his call up letter, he grows to want to prepare Johnny for war by teaching him the skills he needs to survive.

Upstairs, as the distance between she and Sir Hallam grows, Lady Agnes finds herself drawn to Caspar Landry, with whom she finds she has a deep connection. Sir Hallam, meanwhile, is distracted by the looming war and his growing desire for another woman but when he gets a very public reminder of Agnes’ independence, an explosive, and very public, confrontation ensues… and Sir Hallam makes a decision that will change his life forever.

Meanwhile, when Mr Amanjit’s blossoming friendship with Mrs Fuller falls foul to racial discrimination, he calls into question, not only their relationship, but also his position inside 165 Eaton Place.

Beryl Ballard is played by Laura Haddock, Harry Spargo is played by Neil Jackson, Johnny Proude is played by Nico Mirallegro, Sir Hallam is played by Ed Stoppard, Lady Agnes is played by Keeley Hawes, Mr Amanjit is played by Art Malik, Dr Blanche Mottershead is played by Alex Kingston, Eunice Mccabe is played by Ami Metcalf, Lady Persie Towyn is played by Claire Foy, Mrs Clarice Thackeray is played by Anne Reid, Mr Warwick Pritchard is played by Adrian Scarborough, Duke of Kent is played by Blake Ritson, Mrs Fuller is played by Lucy Cohu and Pamela Holland is played by Sarah Gordy.

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