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The Syndicate is a new drama for BBC One by Kay Mellor that follows five workers at a cut-price supermarket in Leeds, whose lives are turned upside down after they jointly win the lottery.

In episode two, kind hearted dog lover Denise starts a campaign to win her husband back – and she is prepared to do anything. But Leanne is convinced that Denise doesn’t need to act – once he finds out that Denise has won the lottery she’s confident he’ll be hammering her door down. The pair of them hit the shops Pretty Women style on a mega spending spree – Leeds style!

Meanwhile the pressure is mounting on Stuart as the police question him again about the night of the robbery. Younger brother Jamie just makes matters worse by quitting his job and flaunting his new found wealth and Stuart is devastated when Bob’s brain scan reveals more than just a bang to the head.

Denise is played by Lorraine Bruce, Leanne by Joanna Page, Stuart by Matthew McNulty, Jamie by Matthew Lewis and Bob by Timothy Spall and Judy Parfitt, joins the cast to play Maureen – Denise’s domineering mother.

Episode 2 of The Syndicate airs Tuesday 2nd April at 9pm on BBC One.