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Luther creator and writer Neil Cross has said that the third series will be the last for TV of the psychological drama. However its not all bad news, as he intends to make a Luther movie instead!

Cross told Radio 4’s Front Row programme that: “We’ll wrap up Luther as a TV show, but I think we’ll then probably make the leap to the big screen with John Luther.”

Describing the ending he said: “The final scene of the final episode is great and we wouldn’t want to continue. I love an ending. I have a weakness for a powerful and moving ending. We’ll go out big and leave it at that.”

News of a big screen outing has been hinted at since 2011 for Luther which recently picked up best drama series at the Royal Television Society awards.

In December Neil Cross voiced his intention to finish making Luther as a TV series when he said: “Idris (Elba) is a busy man.”

Going on to add: “There’s a strong possibility there will be a ‘Luther’ movie in the near future.”

Idris Elba also discussed his interest in a Luther movie when he told Newsbeat in June 2011: “Ultimately I’d like to see Luther on the silver screen. I think it’s got the scope to do something like that.

“The audience really wanted to see more episodes but I don’t think that’s the way to go personally.”

He said: “We feel if we take it, we make bigger storylines, bigger nemeses, badder characters and then stretch the storylines out a little bit it gives us a bit more scope with the episodes.

A prequel story has also been written by Neil Cross, in a novel based on the detective John Luther’s exploits, named The Calling and is now available in paperback.

Luther will return for its third series later this year for four 60-minute episodes.