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The ship sinks. Yes, we all know how it ends. We’ve all seen at least one film or documentary about how it happened. So, I ask, how have ITV made their centurial anniversary drama of the disaster stand out from anything that’s been done before?

Answer… they’ve given the project to Julian Fellows. A choice that means we have high society on the high seas.
Downton Abbey
meets… a lot of ice. This version of the tale is not about the crash it’s about the people who crash. There are some rich people and some poor people. Like there was in the film (some of the same people, Molly Brown for example).

But the show stand out because each episode spans the length of the ship’s doomed voyage from a different character’s perspective. I don’t think people could be blamed for being put off by the prospect of a clock reset at the start of every new episode but the stories are intricately woven together. Fellows has delivered a script that is intelligent, compelling and engaging. Its a drama that makes you want to watch the next episode.

ITV have spent a lot of money on this project and it shows. But the money spent and the look of the thing is insignificant. It’s the script that is the winner. And it’s the script that provides a blockbuster TV programme.

Footnote… really good soundtrack.

Written by tomwilson23