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Here are some pictures showing Sheridan Smith and Danny Mays in their roles for ITV’s new drama Mrs Biggs, the story from Charmain’s point of view as the loyal partner to the Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs.

Mrs Biggs will recount the story of their struggle to stay together in the face of fierce opposition from Charmian’s family – aghast at Biggs’ criminal record – and their idyllic life as the parents of young children before money worries forced Biggs to ask for a loan from an old friend to pay the deposit on a house they wanted to buy for their growing family. That friend was Bruce Reynolds, at that moment planning on of the most famous crimes in British history – the Great Train Robbery of August 1963

Sheridan Smith and Danny Mays will be joined by Adrian Scarborough (Upstairs Downstairs, Cranford) and Caroline Goodall (The Good Wife, Schindler’s List) who will be playing Bernard and Muriel Powell, Charmian’s parents.

Mrs Biggs is currently in production.

Sheridan Smith as Charmian Biggs and Danny Mays as Ronnie Biggs.

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