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Interview with David Gyasi who plays Victor in the new BBC Two drama series White Heat.

When Victor arrived from Jamaica on his scholarship to study law at a London university it was the culmination of a childhood dream. In school he learnt everything about the “mother country” and now he was to forge a future there. But his hopes are often marred by racist taunts and a feeling of alienation. He is practiced at burying his anger over this.

Unlike Jack, his purchase on injustice is not theoretical and will eventually lead him to become a prominent civil rights lawyer. In spite of this Victor yearns to be accepted. Initially he seeks to win approval by being over solicitous which Jack crassly interprets as subservience.

Victor buries his anger over this also. Most of his anger is reserved for Jack’s often cavalier and demeaning treatment of Charlotte. Victor’s feelings for her are complex and deep. Her directness and passion inspire him – and Victor finds himself locked in a bitter love triangle with Jack to win her.